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Two Dried Leaves

What you hear, and how you hear it, influences how the body responds.

Safe and Sound Protocol

Nourish the nervous system safely and remotely.

One SSP, 3 Pathways: Connect, Core, Balance

The complete SSP program comprises 3 main pathways that are accessible through and facilitated by a qualified and certified professional. 

The Safe and Sound protocol was developed by Dr. Stephen Porges and is based on Polvagal Theory. SSP is a 5 hour neurologically based intervention that utilizes the auditory pathways to calm physiological and emotional states. Derived from over 4 decades of research on the relationship between the autonomic nervous system and socio-emotional processes, SSP was designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity, enhance social engagement, and promote resilience. This intervention can boost or improve other therapies such as counseling, occupational therapy, or speech therapy.

This intervention typically occurs over the course of 10 days with supplemental support included throughout. It can be provided remotely. The entire SSP package takes two months to complete. The effects of SSP can be registered immediately or up to several months after the intervention.

Our brain and body’s first priority is to keep us alive. When our body or brain feels or perceives threat, our nervous system moves into states of defense (fight, flight or freeze). When the nervous system remains in a chronic state of defense it affects the way we feel, think and connect with others. This can adversely effect our physical health over time (resulting in a range of health issues such as autoimmune issues, IBS, migraines) and how we experience the world around us. SSP brings the client from a states of hyper-arousal (fight or flight, defensiveness, cautious or nervousness) to a feeling of safety or calmness.

Our auditory system is connected with the vagus nerve, our body’s internal control center for processing and responding to cues and signals from our environment. SSP is designed to stimulate nervous system by exercising and systematically challenging the auditory system with specifically processed or filtered music. Using prosodic music that has been filtered to train the middle ear muscles to focus in on the frequency found in human speech the music trains the auditory pathways to orient towards safety. When we are in a state of regulation we are better able to listen, stay focused, and engage with others socially.

We can also process emotions, eat, digest and eliminate food, and utilize our support system with flexibility and ease. We do not experience hyper arousal (anxiety) or hypo arousal (depression). We feel connected and safe in the world and at ease with ourselves.



Who? Those with the following features might benefit from using the SSP:

  • Social and emotional difficulties

  • Auditory and other sensory sensitivities

  • Auditory processing difficulties

  • Anxiety and trauma-related challenges

  • Inattention

  • Reactivity

  • Stressors that impact social engagement

  • Difficulties in regulating physiological and emotional state

  • Chronic pain and fatigue

  • Depression

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Gut issues

  • Low resilience

Why? The SSP exercises the neural pathways associated with regulating behavioral state and social engagement.  These are aspects of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). And just as the brain is plastic and can change based on experience, the ANS is also plastic.  

The SSP has been shown in peer-reviewed research to significantly increase vagal regulation of the heart. This has the effect of better control of state.

State is critical to how we approach the task at hand.  So when a client has better state control, not only can they be more socially engaged, they are more open to therapy.  Better state regulation improves therapeutic outcomes.

Regardless of diagnosis, clients have seen improvements in the features mentioned above. 


SSP Inclusive Packages

Hybrid Remote Home Program Includes:

  • Link to access listening device remotely on your device of choosing (smartphone and earphones, earbuds, or headphones required and supplied by you)

  • Intake session: includes Intake Questionnaire, ANS Assessment, review of Polyvagal Theory and the mechanics of SSP.

  • Secure end to end encrypted account with access to your personal dashboard to record progress

  • Daily log in sheets to record your discoveries

  • 8 video monitoring 30 minute sessions with Brigitte Karmona, LPC, certified SSP provider to “monitor” initial ANS patterns

  • Access to the SSP Core program

  • Access to SSP Connect program during the duration of the SSP intervention for ANS regulation

  • Access to SSP provider via email during your Core protocol (10-15 days)

  • One half-hour post-session via phone consultation to process your experience

  • Access to follow-up SSP Balance program post Core program for one month

  • An additional follow up session (a half-hour) post-treatment

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